Tekap Tekap

Hi girls! Since I am wideee awake, I have decided to upload a video on how I achieved this look on my Youtube channel. Yes, damnnn amateur k my videos!

Just for fun! Also because I always get asked by my friends how do you do this, how do you do this so well etc…..

Fact is, if you watch my videos, you will see that I am EXACTLY like everybody else. Trying to learn, trying to improve but just that I love make up so much, I am getting obsessed with it for a little bit now. It gets a bit crazy after I look at my make up bills but its definitely a super great distraction tool for whatever that is happening in my life right now!

Alhamdulilah…….yelah, dari bunoh diri, lebih baik beli make up and main tekap tekap muka kan?  Yes…..

So I hope you girls like my video and if you wanna know how I achieve this look below, watch MY video! 😀 😀 😀




Day -25

Hi assalamualaikum girls!

I hope everybody is in the pink of health, sihat dan happy happy selalu disamping hasberns hasberns tersayang!! Hehehe I have not been on WP for so long and I have missed out on so much updates that it is sooooo bloody heartening to see some of my WP friends here getting hitched already! Where did the time go?!

Therefore, congratulations to all of you! Semoga rumah tangga yang dibina selalu diberkati Allah swt. Insyallah.

Anyway, the sole purpose of me writing tonight is because I wanted to let you girls in on something which I think I should share. It is only right that I do since I have been wedding- bloggin for more than a year now and some of you girls have been my friends, have become some of my closest friends (which is CRAZY!) so I guessed, you ought to know.

I dont know how else should I put it out there, other than the fact that, we are not getting married anymore. Okay that sounds a little weird, a little direct and funny to say, but in other words, Boolat & I have broke our engagement and have called the entire wedding off. For now.

IF i even remember correctly, his parents came over to my place, nearly 1-2 months ago? I think lah, I cant really remember the details, but yep. Macam mana cara baik, aku dipinang, macam gitu baik jugak, kita putus. Which is I think, relatively calm and civil? No fighting, no arguments between the families, nothing.

I mean aside from the dramatic 10 mins that I bawl-ed my eyes out because mak dia cakap something like, “jangan buang mama and adik adik ok? kita sayang Ana” , everything was ok.

Not great, but ok. Just ok.

I mean for the record, I think Mommy and his mother were the saddest because they were sitting at a corner, sobbing and consoling each other even before anything happened! (Actually aku yang putus tunang, ke korang ni sedih pasal tak dapat jadi besan?!!)

It may come as a shock to some of you, and maybe some of you didnt really see it coming because I am still me and I am still on social media doing my stuffs normally. (Like buyin LOADS of make up? and boleh buat tutorials sana sini?)

I mean, what do u expect me to do? I had a girlfriend come tell me something like, ” LERRR AKU INGATKAN KORANG TGH PROCESS PANTANG SO SEBABTU TAK NAK POST GAMBAR EACH OTHER AT ALL”

I mean, I have no words else to describe my experience going through the 1 month prior us calling it off officially, because it was hell. It was crazy and I never wished it happened to anyone. I really dont think my heart was EVER made to handle shit like that so when I was first back handed that, I broke down like a million times.

Boolat & I still have some kind of relationship going on now, but I seriously do not know how far this is going to go. It is definitely hard, and to be as real as possible, I find myself questioning my soul,

“If it isnt even for marriage, why bother?” 

Then I tell myself, that maybe I have not broken down deep enough. I have not dug deep into the recesses of my heart to be able to completely heal. Yea, maybe I havent. I am always the kind to just shove things aside and for now, I just dont want to think about it. Still not going to be married, so what? I mean, I am sure God has better plans for me, it may not be in the marriage section, but I am sure, one day things will unfold and I will look back at this experience and go, ” Look how beautiful Allah made my story to be”

My family has been amazing actually, I have never doubted the generosity of both my parents, from start to end and when they asked me if this was what I wanted, they gave me no pressure at all. Didnt even lecture me about how much they have already forked out, didnt even say anything about money. All they wanted was for me to be happy, and if I am still not ready now, it is bloody okay. Bless their hearts, seriously.

I mean, I have always been talking about I wanted this and that for my wedding, that my wedding has have to have this and that, and I paid so much money to get things for the wedding, but you know, with all of this happening, it taught me a very very very important life lesson.

Take it from me girls.

Because as I sat one night to reflect, it dawned on me.

Never fight Allah’s plans, it will always, always triumph.

Allah will always always win.

Whatever is meant for you, will ALWAYS always be for you.

Even if you dont want it, it will ALWAYS be for you.

This has taught me probably the biggest lesson of my life, to always ingat niat kita nak buat sesuatu. Why do you want to get married? Kenapa nak kawin?

My niat has always been selfish, because I *thought* that I am of age already and I needed to have my own family.

In some sense, THAT is not wrong either but it was never about God first, never about having a family to be closer to God first you know?

It was always because *I* wanted it to happen. Because *I* need it to happen.

How bloody selfish.

I mean, who wrote the rule about women HAVE to be married by a certain age? Who? No freaking body. So why the hell am I freaking out?

So I am gonna chill. My parents are gonna chill and everybody is gonna chill.

I hope that everybody who reads this post will chill the *uck with me because I dont want to receive messages like ” I am so sorry this has to happen to you” etc etc, I mean, I appreciate that of course, tapi please please, if you say that then it will make me damn awkward because I have to reply Awh thanks! Then it would sound very insincere and as if I am fishing for sympathy, which i am NOT.

I am writing this as a matter of factly, and because some of you will be expecting an invitation card from me since it is bloody 25 days away and then you will think why havent you received anything or whatever and no, its not that I tak nak kawan with you all anymore! Hahahahha I tak jadi kawin aje……

I don’t know what the future holds for both Boolat and I, if we call it quits like if one day we decide to never talk to each other again, I hope he knows that he was very special to me and I will never forget about his saggy face.

So ya…Im just gonna chill. & hope that my mother can chill also because lately she never talk about marriage anymore la, tapi last week, when I was going out of the house to go to work, I casually told her ” okay bye lah have fun at home!”

She casually and selamba-ly replied,

” What fun? HAISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. No fun la. Jie, when are you going to give me cucu? My life so boring. If got cucu, then not so boring already…..*literally sighing all the way across from the balcony to her room she was sighing….*”


Can somebody tell me why is my mother damn dramatic?



Omg!! Besok dah start puasa and I know i have not done much blogging as of yet. Takpe, takpe. I am truly looking forward to Ramadhan because technically this will be my last Ramadhan as a single. Phewwww, and I am sureeeeeeeee I have many of you being in the same boat as me!

Amaciamzzzzz my comrade sisters!?!!

Yelah, kan orang selalu cakap, marriage is not for the faint-hearted. So macam pegi war gitu?! Lol.

As of today, we are one three nine days away from our nikah date. 139. I have no explanation to you if you ask me where has all the time went because I myself have no freaking idea!!!!!

Having to book vendors as early as a year before the date, definitely has the PROS. Because, now, all we got to do is wait. And personally for me, I am over the freaking planning phase. So, so over.

Reflecting back, there were ALOT of hiccups!!! So freaking many. So many arguments, so many fights, so much of tears and sweat went into those few months of running around scoring vendors, materialising plans etc.

So if you ask me, I am pretty much done. Supposedly supposed to chill.


Tapi Allah swt ni, He is definitely the best of ALL planners.

Boolat and I have gone through alot alot alot alot alot of shit through our short 4 years together.

Have gone down, and came back up. Have gone up and never came down, have gone backwards, and down under and whatever else is there, it has been done and yet, we still hung on to that 1 slice of hope to stay together.

I truly love this man, for all that he is, and for all that he is not. He has truly been the best friend, has been the reason why I want to get off work early and he is truly the 1 person I want to see when I wake up everyday.

But at this stage, I dont know if only love is actually enough to hold us down.

It is definitely sad that we have to be going through this, AT THIS STAGE, but I would rather have this stage NOW, than later.

So I am going to just redha, tawakkal and leave it to Him.

Lagi lagi tengah Ramadhan ni?

I am pretty sure, Boolat has tried his best, and I definitely have tried my best, so if it works out, it works out. If it doesnt then, who am I to question His Plans?

And yes, I am taking this pretty lightly now, because I have spent ridiculous amount of time crying and mulling over it and I have decided that, it is truly alright.

Whatever will be, will eventually be.

Yes, we have just recently registered ourselves with the ROMM, and had such a pleasant experience, alhamdulilah.


I dont know about him, but it was surreal to me. If along the way, Allah swt decides to take him away from me, for better reasons, at least, I know in both our hearts, we have truly tried.

And whatever that came out of it, will be for the best.

So, here’s us winging it.




& oh yah before I forget,

Salam Ramadhan girls!


Assalamualaikum girls!

It has been 2 months since my last post and holy canoli, so many things are going on! Sadly to say, all those things which are going on have nothing to do with the wedding! Which is……are  you ready, 182 days away? As of today?

Seriously, we are on the -182th Day mark. And will be due for our ROMM, in a month or so?

Well, Boolat & I recently “celebrated” our 4th year anniversary together, on the 18th of April.

And I say it that way because there wasnt any celebration at all!

Let’s see, what was I doing?

Having maggi noodles at work, because I left the office at 11pm?

So apa makna nya nak pergi celebrate eh? But yes, 4 years.


4 years of good and bad.

4 years of love and hate.

4 years.

It is seriously nothing compared to all the long-term relationships out there but we have had our share of world wars. It has always been challenging, right from the start. Nothing was ever easy, with us. Nothing.

But alhamdulilah, Allah swt do not test the weak. My patience level has definitely gone up to a whole new level being with Boolat. I know as imperfect he is as a person, and as my partner, I am far from perfect too.

So we are even? Lol.




Awhhhh look at how both of us have grown? I mean, truthfully, I think the one yang membuak melampau is me la!! Damnit. My double chin has upgraded to a triple chin deluxe set meal siol.

Boolat’s pipi dont say la.

Our #teampipifishball game always damn strong.

image3 (3)

Got potential jadi family potrait or not this one? Lol. We always bring the kiddos out and they are ALWAYS mistaken as our kids!! Insyallah, satu hari, kalau Allah izinkan, apa salahnya??

“Awak anak beranak, semua badan sihat sihat eh?”

Ah ah, anak beranak minum protein shake cik, sebabtu badan satu satu kao kao gini. 

I mean, to say that we didnt celebrate at all, macam tipu la. Cause on the 16/17th of April, we went for #SgRugby7s since I bought tickets for his 30th birthday back in January! And it was such a great weekend, 2 full days of Rugby, 45 matches all in all! 45!!

I have always watched rugby with Boolat at home, and through the years with him, I have learnt the basics of it but to watch it in real life, is really taking it a notch up.

The adrenaline was way more real, and the shouts? Jangan cakap. Macam paham kadang pekik marah marah. Lol.

I paid a decent amount for our tickets since it was his birthday present, so we got really good seats on both days! Which allowed me to watch my favourite rugby team in the whole wide world, none other than the New Zealand All Blacks in such close proximity!!

Liam Messam and Sonny Bill Williams were also in town, and that itself made the deal even sweeter!

Macam stalker ok! And I regretted not investing in a good camera because the photos I had were shitty versions of me trying to zoom on my phone!! Geram!

I tried soooo bad to get a good shot! But macam nak campak aje handphone!!! Geram siak. He was soooooooooooooo close, yet.

Hais, Abam Sonny.

image1 (5)


image2 (5)

And there was this time where the All Blacks were warming up right in front of us, and in less than 5 mins, I had a party of at least 20 girls crowding around me, trying to get a good shot of them! Ya allah.

Hais, just watching him lie there doing this stretches also can make me want to cry!! But it was so hard cause there were so many girls!! (look at that rude hand holding the cup, anyhow potong my view!!)



and this one paling kurang ajar, totally cut me!!

See her head!


Geram aje kan. Macam nak jitak kepala dia. Anyhow! Hahahahhahah.

image3 (4)

Anyhoo, that was it for our 4th year weekend, and we will be reaching another milestone at the end of May, but we will talk about it when we reach it la okay? Insyallah!

Speaking of milestones, a couple of months ago, the girls and I actually went across the border to get our bridesmaids outfit tailored!

I dont know why I have not blogged about it, but maybe I have been saving it to have it on a proper post but I always end up procrastinating but tonight,since I had a 6 hour nap in the afternoon, and just dunked 1 can of Coke after my plate of garlic naan and keema, I think I am good to go!

It wouldnt be a surprise that I chose a couple of our BTB girls to be on my #BrideTribe because when you have a couple of girlfriends going through the EXACT same thing with you, when you do it together, it makes it a tad bit easier. It gets a little more bearable with these girls. Alhamdulilah.

We went out bright and early on that Saturday morning, only to reach JB at mid-day. We sent all our kains to a seamstress in Larkin, (pretty sure shes pretty famous) and her tailoring services were so bloody affordable! I tailored 2 full sets of baju, and 2 bottoms for only RM 220!!!!

image5 (5)

image1 (9)

image4 (8)

image6 (3)

image3 (11)

Our session took us 3 hours!!! But for the price and the workmanship? Sanggup! I cant wait to collect our bajus in May!!

Shana & Usop also collected their loot from Ka/dLa/wo and Nurul took the chance to make downpayment for her cards!!

See, this is what i mean by, satu nak buat, semua pegi, buat sekali! Senang!!

image9 (1)

Tengok tu Nurul.

“Okay give me 5 minutes, I have to choose properly. Relax, relax….”


image8 (2)

image7 (2)

image1 (10)

image2 (12)


In terms of my wedding invitations. I decide to choose a simpler design, and I am a taddd disappointed with the size of the card, because they sent me a sample card and it is WAYYYY smaller than what I have expected and knowing my parents, and their


I better do something about it. We shall see, whats to come!

See lah, if I am gonna have to jump ship or what. If I were to jump ship, I would definitely just go to Ka/d La/wo. Lol.

I mean, seriously? What could go wrong with K/ad La/wo. Out of 5 of us, Nana, Rina and Shana have already used them, and with Nurul, that makes it 4 of us, and if I jump ship, its like ALL OF US CAN BE BRAND AMBASSADOR OF KA/D LA/WO ALREADY!!!! HAHAHHAHA.

And if that is not enough to make me decide to jump ship.

They are currently having these “Budget Prices” for those budget-conscious!


Excited! I mean RM0.20 a piece and RM0.40 a piece ? You do the maths, ok?

Jangan cakap kakak tak payonggggggggggggggg.

You can check their FB page for more info!

Macam dah lama tak buat keje keje macam ni, stalk stalk vendors online, baca baca blogs! So shiooook!

I haven’t had the luxury to just lie in bed, do nothing and just surf the web for a long time and tonight, I am making use of all of these free time before I get busy with work again! My Sunday will definitely be burnt because I have to rush through 2 reports by Sunday night for submission on Monday! This month’s exco meeting is on Wednesday and training with the team leaders this Thursday, of which I have NOT prepared any materials to teach with yet. I conducted my first training last week, and my bosses were quite impressed with my work, and thought it would be good for me to do it again this week. I also had the honour to represent the company during the fire drill because my boss insisted that the newbie had to do it, and sometimes I just dont know if he wants me to do stuffs because I am new or because he thinks I am really good at it? I seriously have my doubts. Lol. 

Okay la, I need to go back to my online surfing. Am currently on Sephora and I am contemplating on getting the Tartelette in Bloom palette. I know that I have said that I NEEDED it in my life, but after getting the Tartelette, its like DO I REALLY NEED IT?!

Over the last 2 months, I have spent ridiculous amount of money on make up/skin care products and for reals now,


image1 (4)

Purchased MAC’s Taupe & Whirl lipsticks AND lip liners in the same shade. Like, Really? Was it really necessary?

Took this photo off Pinterest, and I really cant tell which is which from here. Which proves the point…..


I know. Somebody slap me. I mean, please. The colours are gorgeous!!! But I really cant tell the difference between Taupe and Whirl after putting it on!!!

Like, which is which? See, this is when you know you have a problem.


I bought a new MAC foundation because I was convinced that there must be something better than Too Faced Born this Way foundation but was utterly disappointed! Who am I kidding. I have since sold my soul to Too Faced. Please do not EVER discontinue your foundation.

And invested in my first June Jacobs and holy shit. This masque is the bomb please. It cost me a bomb, but goodness, for the things it does to my skin? So worth it. I dont want to jinx it but ever since I used this mask, I have not had a single cystic acne on my face.

I use it as a night mask and actuallyyyyy you are supposed to rinse it away after applyin it for 10 mins but I figured since I paid so much for it, WHY MUST RINSE OFF.


So I sleep with it. AHHAHAHHAHAHA. And my face feels like a baby’s bum the next day!!

image2 (4)

image4 (1)

And yes, that Aqua Brow kit. I now use with with my Tarte brow mousse and my brows have never been better! Lol.

Kalau berbual pasal make up, mesti selalu melarot. Haiyah okay la catch you girls soon!

Will leave you girls with some wedding photos we took together!

image1 (3)

image3 (1)

Looking forward to Aini’s wedding on the 7th of May!!!! WOOOO! Cant wait to see this girl and everybody else! Whoop whoop!




Assalamualaikum girls!

I apologise for taking so long to update this berabok blog of mine but truth be told, i have been super busy at work and i have absolutely no time to sit and blog.
Blogging now comes as a luxury! Goodness.


Alhamdulilah, praises to Allah swt, it has been a month since I started my new job and i am glad that i love every single minute of it. It is highly challenging, very exciting even though sometimes the work I have to do banyakkkkk menguji kesabaran.
I told my peers at work that sometimes i feel like i am working as a stock broker. Lol.

Which is kinda true because the bulk of my job scope does encompasses me to manage stocks and drugs in all of our 11 clinics. Each clinic have at least 1200 types of drugs, multiply that by 11. Ya allah, nak muntah kadang pikir. But so far, so good. I still have lots to learn!

Boolat also offered to send me to work everyday and I think I LOVE that idea very much!!! Hahahhah! I mean, I do love taking th train every day because I get to see heck of alot of people, but I mean, it would be so nice if I could wake up a little later, and get sent to work. Yes? So bila sampai keje tu takde la ketiak dah basah, dahi basah macam mee mamak with all of my hair plastered to my forehead la kan?

Insyallah, insyallahhhhh, hope that materialises! Hurrrhurrrr.

Speaking of Boolat, we had one of the best weekend dates EVERRRRRRRRRRRR. We have been fighting so much for the past 2 months, that this weekend date kinda made up for all lost time!

Thinking back, the fights were so, so bad. If we actually lived together, we would definitely end up stabbing each other to death. I kinda think we completely lost it for a while. I had nights where I question my decisions about marrying the man I am about to marry in 7 months. I question every single thing I have ever done to be invested in this relationship and no matter how hard I tried to talk it out to myself, the urge to just give up was so, so strong.

Ujian pertunangan ni, memang pedih and memang nauzubillah and memang MEMANG ning nang buey bapak dia punya seluar dalam ok.



But alhamdulilah, it was as if a dark cloud has just passed.

Our was so good, that I finally remembered how nice it was to listen to Boolat’s voice when he talked. How nice it is to be able to talk nicely to each other, and engage in intelligent conversations, instead of screaming bloody murder.


How nice it is to not have the urge to stab him in his face when he talks!!!




Let’s see. We watched a movie. Yes, a freaking movie. Korang boleh beli 4D k. The last movie we watched together was probably last year! It was so long ago that I cannot even ingat what movie was that!! Hahhahhahaha. We ate at a proper restaurant. We talked about what we have been doing for the past 2 months, and sighs….the most important is, we just talked.

What made this weekend even more special was that, we went for our appt with…..Pu/tri/mas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy canoli.

Prior to this appt, Boolat & I were still fighting and biasalah, things didnt went so great, but during the appt, all of  that changed. It was as if we NEEDED that appt to get our wedding mood back on!

Our appt was at 3.30pm, Saturday afternoon, and we arrived at the shop at 3.15pm! Mommy and meimei was still on the way so when we came in, Aisha welcomed us! Was told to sit down, and not long after, Aunty Mas came to greet us. Lepas kiss pipi and pelok macam girlfriends dah lama tak jumpa segala, Aunty Mas shoved an ipad into my arms and told us to look through pictures to have an idea of what we can work with.

The first time we came to Put.rima.s, I knew they had an extensive selection of outfits because I went into the back room, with my jaws to the ground. I felt like I was gonna play dress up with the million of outfits nicely hung! But I didnt get to see the plus size selection, so as I was browsing through the ipad, and talking to Aunty Mas, I realised that most of the outfits came in plus size?!

Macam every single outfit I pointed, she said,

“ah ni you boleh pakai, confirm! Cuma kene bukak jahitan!”

Woo part ni dah macam start excited gila pasal dah rasa macam SHITJUSTGOTREAL.



But seriously, the feeling was so surreal. Lepas sembang sembang, we were asked to proceed to the back room, and that was when we could see all of their outfits in front of our faces!

We took probably close to 2 hours, and after discussing about colours and types of bajus, we finally chose 4 outfits!

The final colours are white, emerald green + gold, purple + silver andd…….RED!

I kasi you all sneak peek okay!!!


image1 (10)

image2 (7)


I initially didnt even want to try this outfit out as it really looks gaudy on the racks  but I fell in love with this songket piece the moment I tried it and yes, even tho during this session, sumpah demi Allah, kain dia ketat nak mampos pasal belom keluarkan jahitan, wearing it ‘halfway’ already gave me the chills.

Definitely looking forward to the nextsession, where we will already be starting on measurements! We unexpectedly had to upgrade our package because we needed one more set of baju but I think that would save us the hassle of actually going out there to physically buy one set for ourselves! Alhamdulilah to that.

Still feel surreal that it is me going through all of this.

Yelah after years of teman-ing girlfriends after girlfriends for fitting after fittings……………….

it is finally my turn.





Assalamualaikum girls!!

Why does the weekend have to end so soon ni?!! Macam tak puas laaaa rest. Goodness!! I feel like 24 hours in a day, is really not enough. I am actually not looking forward to going to work tomorrow because I think I am going to be down with something.

I have been sneezing NON STOP since Friday and I think it started at work. A couple of my colleagues have been taking sickies because of the FLU and I think it is coming to me and the only reason why I am whining about it is because I cannot take MC yet!!! Yelah kan masih tengah probation and I am pretty sure it will definitely not reflect well on me if I take it within the first month of employment so I am gonna have to suck it up til April, at least!

And because of this, I had to miss Farhana’s wedding today!

Which is such a shame because I was kinda looking forward to meeting the rest of the girls and you know it is becoming “our thing” to attend each other’s weddings’ together but for very obvious reasons, I don’t think bringing the flu bug with me to a wedding is very appropriate la okay.

But I do hope that she and her husband has a very blissful marriage! Insyallah,amin…amin!

Anyhoos, I met Raf a couple of nights ago to pass her………kain!! Woooohooo.

image3 (10)

image2 (11)



Yes. FINALLY!!!!

FINALLY distributing kains to my respective girls after FIVE months!!!

My luggage which has been filled with the various kains have been sitting at the side of my bed for the longest time,and after semi-cleaning my room last weekend, I thought I would start distribution la okay! So my girls can start to tempah their bajus, and if they have kain raya to tempah, they can do it together! Lol.

A couple of my girls & I are hitting up the tailor at Larkin next month to start on this tempah-tempahan and I cant wait! I really hope we chose the right tailor, insyallah!

I also have to start packing up the rest of the kains for the rest of the girls so that I dont mix any up! Kak Nor texted me last week to catch up, and alhamdulilah, she plans to fly back for our wedding, and yes, she will be 1 of the girls too!

I mean, obviously if she choose not to fly back from Melbourne to attend my wedding pun, I will completely understand because flight tickets are not cheap but since she is……….so grateful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The last we met or the last I kissed her face was in Nov 2014, when we went for our US trip together. And I havent seen her since!!! I mean, we do still catch up through lots and lots of Whatsapp. But its not the same!

I met Kak Nor during nursing school, and we got closer only when we attended the same uni in Adelaide, back in the day. I have gone through some of my worst days of my life with her, and she and her husband, Hugo, has done so much for me back in Adelaide, and I cannot be more grateful.

To hear that she is flying in, just for my wedding, means so much!! And good job ME, for buying more kains,just in case! Heheheh.

Truthfully, I appreciate my friendship with all of my girls. Kalau nak buat semuanya jadi BMs tu, memang impossible!! Ada yang dah tinggal all the way across the globe la, ada will be tengah sarat la…..This is a picture of some of my best friends in the whole wide world, and this was taken on our last day in Vegas before we drove to Californiaaaaaa, the last leg of our 36 day America trip!


We stayed at the luxurious Luxor hotel (as seen in the background) and had such an amaaaazing time! 2 of them in the picture will be joinin my #BRIDETRIBE, but the other 2…..jangan cakap! Sedihhh sangat. 1 is in Indiana as we speak and will only be back in 2017, and she cant come back for th wedding because of its exams period and the other one sungguh busy jadi captain in the army, sooo macam mana?

Rindu sangat sangat!!

I dont need my wedding to be perfect, I just need it to run smoothly.

Yang lain, kita kasi Allah swt jaga.

Speaking of which, I also need to consciously start on my itinerary already!!!

Tapi first, I need to know how to freaking use Excel. Its just very confusing for me ok!

Baru last few weeks belajar macam mana nak freeze panels eh! Teros macam champion seh buat report, freeze freeze panel sana sini. Macam bangga gitu?! Padahal tu kire like superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr amateur right?!!


Meanwhile, I am also revising plans on our mini-moon.

As i had mentioned in a couple of posts before, we wanted to go to some place just the 2 of us, do absolutely nothing but eat sleep, have good halal *umph, and whatever else is there to do during a honeymoon la…..

BUT after thinking and thinking about considering heck of a lot of stuffs, we decided that we may just want to go back to Melbourne with Kak Nor after the wedding instead!

It seriously isnt such a bad idea since it would be damn great to go back to the 12 Apostles at the Great Ocean Road!

Maybe get a post-wedding shoot done??? Tu kene tengok kalau cukop funds! Lol. Alah kalau tak cukop, amik selfie sana sini. Camera stand ada, amik gambar konon2 ada photographer aje la right??? Hhahahha!

BUT YELAH KAN BOOLAT FIRST PROPOSED TO ME THERE!!! Hahahha, kononnya macam romantic to go back?! Can take photos and compare us before and after!!!

I know my way around Melbourne very well, and Boolat & I have been there together before, so i am sure it will be fun!

Tak la cerewet gi mana pun, asalkan dengan suami di sisi. 


Meluat dengar.


And I checked tickets to Melbourne a couple of days ago and holy canolyyyyyy, it was super cheap if we were to fly by Scoot! Less than 400/pax!

And with the exchange rate going low….what perfect timing kan?

Therefore, it is definitely worth considering!

Okaylah its coming to 12 and I freaking need to sleep! Talk to u girls soon!






Assalamualaikum girls!

It is currently a few minutes shy from 12 midnight, and I would say that these few days, i have not been keeping to my initial bed time!

I was on a strict 10 pm bed time until this…………………………..



took over my life.

I have nothing else to say about this other than my heart swells with so much love for Alana & Zaim together,like they are my real friends. It sure has been a long time since I last got hooked onto ANY astro episodes cause I am usually all about that TLC, that Nat Geo life.

It airs at 10pm on Astro every weekday night, but my MioTV doesnt have Astro (siapa pandai pandai buat decision to take Astro off?! Kononnya tak tengok drama melayu la tuuuu. Beh skrg?! Padan muka!) so I have to depend on streaming.


One of our beloved BTB, Ruzanna, actually introduced us to Astro On the Go, something like ToggleTV, where you can watch Astro dramas as is, and masyallah……how it has freaking saved my life?!

Hhahahhhaha nampak sah, kemarok.

Well, kemarok is actually quite an understatement la okay. I have never had so much feels for a freaking drama melayu!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!! Lol.

But if those of you who have never watched it,



And yes, other than Alana & Zaim totally and completely taking over my life, nothing else has happened.

Oh, other than the fact that I ushered in the lunar new year with my maternal family over the long weekend, and that commemorated the last lunar new year for me as a single bachelorette, insyallah!

I am so grateful that everybody seemed really excited for our wedding, and so many of my relatives asked where Boolat was because he was busy working and couldnt come visiting with us.

But its alright, its okay, next year, bila dah sah,

insyallah, I boleh la bawak laki i.

Heheehehehe mentel.

I have said it before and I will say it again, my maternal family has been really great despite us being of different race and holding different religions.

They are so kind and sensitive towards our special needs, when it came to food especially, always making sure that when we have new year lunch, they will ALWAYS use brand new pots and pans, and buy everything new so we can join them!

We also took that time to seek advices from our elders in the aspects of whether they would like us to include any traditional customs in our wedding, out of respect, and after discussion, my oldest Aunt has given us the go- ahead to just eliminate the traditional Chinese part of it, because she wanted us to focus on doing what is right in our religion, and to just follow the normal malay tradition.

Alot of issues were brought up, if we want to fully commit to following proper chinese traditions.

I have witnessed first hand on how my cousins get married and it is really a tidious process kalau nak ikot betol-betol. Some of my cousins have to leave their houses at certain timings because it was their auspicious hours and sungguhlah leceh sebenarnya.

So therefore, Mom and Dad have agreed to us just serving tea to them, and keep it as that.

Alhamdulilah, so tak payah la nak melarotkan keadaan.

So speaking of not melarotkan keadaan, time pun 1058pm, lagi 2 menet, episode dah nak diupload pat Astro on th Go, so I pun nak go jugak la! Hehehe








image6 (2)

Oh, how I will miss receiving you,ang baos!!!

image1 (8)

image2 (10)

image3 (9)

image4 (7)


From my family to yours,Gong Xi Fa Cai!